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Are you planning your first camping trip with your family or friends? Want to know camping tips for beginners? In this guide, we share camping tips that will help make your camping trips successful and fun. It is our hope that some of them will be useful for you.





Best Camping Tips
Best Camping Tips









1. Reserve Ahead of Time

If you can reserve your campsite ahead of time, do just that. Call them and ask questions you may have. Ask about amenities, safety, capacity, and rules, and be well informed. Look for reviews on that campsite.





2. Weather Watch

Study the weather for the days you will be on camp but also the entire week including the day you will travel to and from the campsite.





3. Take Extras, Extras, & More Extras

As a first-time camper, you don’t want to run out of any essentials. Trust me, it’s not a good experience. Toilet paper, water, batteries, fuel for stove and lanterns, clothes as well as quick-drying clothes, blankets, and food are just a few. Be overly prepared.





4. Gear Dry Run

Set up your tent and any other gear you will need to put up on the campsite. Ensure everyone can comfortably be in the tent with sufficient space. If the tent has a footprint, set it up also; if it has a rainfly, set it up also. Set everything up as a test run. Cook on your camp stove if you just bought it and have never used it before.





5. Tablecloth

If it is your first time camping, I suggest you take along a tablecloth or two. When you see the tables, you might just want to use your tablecloth.



Camping Tips
Camping Tips









6. Checklist

Prepare a checklist so you don’t miss out on anything and run through it before you get in the car.





7. Always Be Cleaning

This will make things easier for you on camp. Once you are cleaning as you go, you will have more time for other things.






8. Plan Meals

Prep your meals at home as much as possible. Consider meals that have similar ingredients and do meals that you have prepared before and are comfortable making.





9. Camp Rules

Always follow camp rules





10. First Aid Kit

Anything can happen while camping and you want to be prepared. Have a first aid kit and it should include the regular first aid items. Put some painkillers in it also.



Top Camping Tips
Top Camping Tips









11. Flashlights

Take along some good and robust flashlights along with batteries.





12.  Prepare For Insects

They are a nuisance and can bother you if you are not prepared for them. There are some creative ways like carrying sage in bunches and putting it in your fire. It drives mosquitoes away. Or take along bug spray and sunscreen or mosquito repellant. Either way, figure out a solution for insects.





13. Garbage Bags

Carry a lot of them. You will need them.





14. Sleeping Bag

Take along a good sleeping bag. Borrow one or buy a good one. You want to have a comfortable place to get a good night’s sleep.





15. Ice

You will need ice and more ice. Take a lot of ice and then extra. I usually free my water bottles which keep the food cold in the cooler. When it eventually melts, it becomes cold water to drink.



Tips For Camping
Tips For Camping











16. Camping Cooler

You will need good coolers which can close tightly. Take two or more.





17. Pot, Pans, & Utensils

Take along some good pots, pans, and utensils.





18. Chairs

Take along some chairs for sitting. You can find some that fold very nicely to make them very portable.





19. Plastic Containers

Get some inexpensive plastic containers for your food.





20. Lighter or Waterproof Matches

To start a fire, you will need a lighter or some matches.



Best Camping Hacks And Tips
Best Camping Hacks And Tips












21. Pocket Knife or Multi-tool

You will need a pocket knife or better take along a multi-tool.





22. Duck or Gaffer Tape

Take along duck or gaffer tape. You will need it.





23.  Aluminum Foil

You will need it for storing as well as cooking food.





24. Wet Baby Wipes

You need these. Take some along.



Camping Food Hacks
Camping Food Hacks











25. Maps & GPS

Get some maps of the campsite, either online or from the campground.





26. Emergency Contact

Inform someone of your camping trip and give them all the details.





27. Games, Books & Toys

Take along some games, toys for kids, and a few good books to read.





28. Tarp

A tarp is very useful if you can get one.





29. Snacks

Take a variety of snacks. Don’t forget these.





30. Ax

Take along a dependable ax with you.



Best Camping Tips And Tricks
Best Camping Tips And Tricks











31. Wood

Take enough firewood for camping.





32.  Have Fun

Camping is all about doing something other than our usual life routine. Make it fun and enjoy yourself.





33. Camp Stove

Take along a camp stove, preferably a 2-sided camping stove.





34. Campground Clean

Leave the campground clean as you met it.



Camping Tricks
Camping Tricks









35. Show Gratitude

Stop by the office on your way out and say thanks.





36. Length of Rope

Take along a length of rope or two to camp.




37. Extra Pairs of Socks

Always take extra pairs of socks with you.





38. Gloves

Pairs of gloves will always be useful when you camp. Take a few pairs with you.


Best Camping Ideas And Hacks
Best Camping Ideas And Hacks









39. Sunglasses & Hats

Don’t forget to take sunglasses and hats with you.





40. Microfiber Towels

Carry a pack or two of microfiber towels.


There are five important factors of wilderness survival to take into account to stay safe and stay comfortable. The five factors include: wind, water, widowmakers, wood, and wildlife. These factors are referred to as the “5 W’s.”



What do I need to go camping for the first time?
<a href="https://www.thecampingcorner.com/top-12-camping-tents-in-2021-for-the-money/">camping tent</a>, stove, chairs, cooking utensils, eating plates, cups, pillows, socks, flashlights, lanterns and batteries, sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, sleeping bag, maps, butane lighter or waterproof matches, utility knife, length of rope, water, wipes, aluminum foil, soap, gloves, first aid kit, toothbrushes and toothpaste, and solar charger or regular charger.
What's best to sleep on when camping?
Air mattresses and <a href="https://www.thecampingcorner.com/top-13-camping-cots-in-2021-for-the-money/">camping cots</a> are adults’ favorites while kids prefer small camping mattresses and foam pads.
What are the 5 W's of camping?
The 5Ws of camping are wind, water, widowmakers, wood, and wildlife. These are the five important factors of wilderness survival that are commonly referred to as the 5Ws.
How can I make camping more fun?
Carry games and toys. Take a camera for taking pictures. Camp games like scavenger hunt, water balloon fight, balloon basketball, board games, camp Olympics, campfire story contest, song fest, rope pulling, chess, checkers, deck of cards, etc can help make camping exciting and fun.








The Bottom Line

Camping tips for beginners can be the difference between a successful camping trip and one that left a lot to be desired.  We have shared some of the best camping tips for beginners to help you plan and have a memorable trip with family and friends.