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Do you want to camp in your RV? Are you thinking about RV camping? Camping in your RV can be a fun and exciting experience. In this article, we give you RV camping tips to make your RV camping a successful and memorable one.




RV Camping Tips And Tricks
RV Camping Tips And Tricks










1. RV Test Drive

If you are new to RV camping, you might want to test drive your RV and be comfortable with parking it.





2. Research & Plan Your Route

There are many routes you can take so study them for traffic and other information to help you choose the best route for your RV.





3. RV Camping Dry Run

It is a good idea to do a camping dry run at your home before you get on your trip.





4. Tire Pressure

Check your tire pressure before going on your trip.





5. RV Checkup

Besides checking your tire pressure, you also want to do a complete checkup of your RV at the car dealer who services your RV.



RV Camping Tips
RV Camping Tips









6. Tools & Spare Parts

Take along some tools and spare parts for your RV.





7.   Plastic Bins & Containers

Carry plastic bins and containers of different sizes to store items and keep things organized.





8. Electrical Receptacles

Call the campground to know the type of electrical receptacles it has. Make sure you carry the appropriate adapters for the receptacles at the campsite.





9. RV Load Limits

RVs have published load limits. Know them and don’t exceed the limits. It’s easy to overload an RV.





10. Bungee Cords

If the cabinet doors and drawers are opening while driving, use bungee cords to keep the closed.A non-slip shelf liner can also be used in the draws to help things from sliding.



Top RV Camping Ideas
Top RV Camping Ideas









11. Heavy Item Packing

Heavy items should be packed on the RV floor and not high on shelves.





12. Checklist

Have a checklist and go through it before you leave for the campsite.





13. Propane Level

Study your propane level and be aware of it. You can save on propane by not running your water heater all the time and turning off the furnace at nighttime.





14. Height Measurement

Measure the height and not guess it. You will need that information.





15. Family Radio Services Radios (FRS)

Get a pair of small hand-held family radio services radios.



Best RV Camping Ideas
Best RV Camping Ideas














16. Black Tank

Don’t leave the black tank open. When the tank is 2/3 full, then you dump black.





17. Hooking Up Water

When you go to hook up water, turn the water on for a second or two before hooking up your hose.





18. Surge Protector

Get a very good surge protector for your RV. There are power fluctuations at times and you want to be protected.





19. Leaks

Do a leak check and if you find one, fix it immediately.





20.  Step Ladder

Have a step ladder in your RV to do some menial tasks.





21. Fuses

Always have extra fuses for sudden electrical malfunctions.


RV Camping
RV Camping









22. GPS & Maps

Take along a GPS and maps. You don’t want to get lost.





23. Camp Spot Reservation

Reserve your camp spot long before the time of your camping. When you do the reservation, get all the information about the campsite. You can also use that time to ask for maps from the campsite.





24. Study The Weather

Observe the weather for the entire week of your camping trip to help you plan accordingly.





25. Fuel

Monitor your fuel level regularly. Don’t let it fall below ¼ tank.





26. Leveling Blocks

Many times you will encounter campgrounds that are not level. Leveling blocks will come in useful.





27. Ax

Take along a good ax for splitting wood.



Top RV Camping Ideas For Beginners
Top RV Camping Ideas For Beginners














28. Tables & Chairs

Foldable tables and chairs will be just right for an RV camping trip.





29. Fishing Poles & PVC Pipes

If you will go fishing, PVC pipes can serve as good cases for your fishing poles.





30. Multi-tool

A multi-tool will be very useful while you camp.





31. First Aid Kit

Carry a first aid kit.





32. Flashlights, Lanterns, & Batteries

You can’t do without flashlights and lanterns while camping. Don’t forget to carry enough batteries.



Best RV Camping Tips
Best RV Camping Tips









33. Bug Spray & Sunscreen

Insects can ruin your trip. Take along some repellant to drive them away. Insect repellant, bug spray, or just burning bunches of sage in the fire will do the trick.





34. Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil can be used to store and cook food. Make sure you take enough.





35. Garbage Bags

Take garbage bags and then take some more.





36. Pots, Pans, Plates, Utensils

Decide on the type you will carry. But don’t forget to carry these.





37. Games, Books & a Deck of Cards

Take along some games and books.



RV Camping Ideas
RV Camping Ideas









38.  Tarps & Ponchos

A tarp and some ponchos are good to carry.





39. Sewer Hookup

Make sure you have a sewer hose for sewer hookup. Double-check your sewer hose connection before opening the valve.





40. Awning

A good awning is good for your RV.





41. Dry Out Everything

If things got wet in the rain while you were folding things up, make sure you dry them out before storing them for the next trip.



RV Camping Tips For Beginners
RV Camping Tips For Beginners









42. RV Wash

After each trip, wash your RV with an RV wash and wax cleaner.





43. Water Tanks

Clean your water tanks a couple of times a year.





44. Brakes

Check your brakes and make sure they are in good shape.





45. Roof Cleaning

Clean your roof a couple of times a year. There are cleaners specifically for rubber RV roofs; use those.



Top RV Camping Tips
Top RV Camping Tips














46. Drive Without Water

Dump the water out of your tank before going on your camping trip.  Water weighs 8.3 pounds per gallon; it’s heavy.







How do I prepare my RV for camping?
You prepare for RV <a href="https://www.thecampingcorner.com/top-14-camp-kitchen-sets-in-2021-for-the-money/">camping by getting the kitchen</a>, cleaning, safety, and other camping essentials needed.
What should you not pack in your RV?
Scale down on the electronic gadgets you take on the trip and reduce the amount of canned food, freshwater, and kitchen appliances.
Can you use RV toilet while driving?
Yes, you can use the toilet while someone is driving the RV.







The Bottom Line

RV camping can be an exciting way to camp with friends and family. We shared RV camping tips to help make your camping adventures enjoyable and successful. We hope you will find some camping tips that will be useful.