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Are you searching for camping coolers? Are you finding it difficult to choose one? In this guide, we not only review some of the best camping coolers on the market today but also discuss the factors to consider when choosing one to help you make the right choice for your outdoor excursions.





1.  Arctic Zone Titan Cooler

If you are looking for a camping cooler that can store all types of items like drinks as well as sandwiches, then the Arctic Zone Titan Cooler is the cooler for you. This cooler features deep freeze high-performance insulation with a radiant heat barrier that reflects heat than absorbs it. This feature enables the artic zone titan cooler to keep the item for a long time and ice up to 3 days.

Additionally, its interior includes a durable HardBody liner with SmartShelf that allows you to keep hard items like drinks away from perishable items like sandwiches to prevent them from getting soggy and crushed. You can easily remove the SmartShelf to have one large compartment.

Moreover, this camping cooler also features an adjustable back saver shoulder strap with an anti-slip shoulder pad that centers load weight to minimize muscle stress. With a “flip-open” patented zipperless lid, you get quick access to food and drinks as well as an insulated front pocket. It features a Rhino-Tech exterior that is tough, water-resistant, and can be easily wiped clean.






         What We Like:

  • Deep Freeze High-Performance Insulation
  • HardBody Liner with SmartShelf
  • Ultra Safe Leak Proof
  • Triple Layer ColdBlock Base
  • Adjustable Backsaver Shoulder Strap








2.  Igloo BMX

The Igloo BMX is ideal for all your outdoor activities like camping, hiking, fishing, beach outings, and more. It has the ability to keep ice for up to 5 days with its heavy-duty blow-molded construction and reinforced base. This cooler is lightweight but durable. It can serve you well on a sunny day or at the beach as its ultra-violet inhibitors protect it from sun damage.

Additionally, this camping cooler features rust-resistant, stainless-steel hinge rods, and hardware for extended performance. To keep the lid closed and secure, it has rubberized T-grip latches. It also features a threaded drain plug that is garden hose compatible with a non-slip, easy-grip stainless steel tethered cap. This allows you to securely attach a garden hose and easily drain out fluids.

Moreover, this cooler can also serve you on your fishing trips as its features an integrated ruler on the lid to easily estimate your catch. You can also secure your catch with the built-in tie-down loops for transport. With its cool riser technology, this cooler molded base elevates it away from hot surfaces thereby improving its cooling performance. This feature comes in handy on a hot day when the ground is very hot and it can be elevated off the ground. With its swing-up comfort grip handles, you can easily carry it.






       What We Like:

  • Heavy Duty Blow-Molded Construction
  • Lightweight
  • UV Inhibitors
  • Cool Riser Technology
  • Rubberized T-Grip Latches









3.  Igloo Polar Cooler

The Igloo Polar Cooler is well suited for camping, hiking, beach parties, fishing, and other outdoor activities. This cooler features UV inhibitors to protect it from sun damage. It also features a stain and odor-resistant liner to keep the odor from escaping the cooler and permeating the atmosphere.

Additionally, with its ultratherm insulation, this Igloo polar cooler can keep ice for up to 5 days in temperatures up to 90 degrees. Its lid can be kept tight and closed with a tie-down loop and double latches. With a threaded drain plug, you can connect a hose to get rid of excess fluids in the cooler.







      What We Like:

  • UV Inhibitors
  • Stain & Odor Resistant Liner
  • Threaded Drain Plug









4.  Coleman 48-Quart Performance Cooler

The Coleman performance cooler is constructed with Thermozone insulation to keep food and drinks cold and fresh. It is ideal for camping, beach outings, tailgating, fishing, hiking, and many other outdoor activities. It can hold up to 63 cans and can accommodate 2-liter bottles upright.

Additionally, it has two-way handles with a hard plastic exterior and a hinged lid for easy, one-handed access. You can get rid of excess water in the cooler after your trips thanks to the leak-resistant drain.







      What We Like:

  • Low CO2 Insulation
  • Leak-Resistant Drain
  • Hinged Lid







5.  Coleman Cooler

This Coleman cooler is a high-capacity, heavy-duty cooler with a retro design. It has a 54-quart capacity and accommodates up to 85 cans. It can keep ice for up to 4 days in temperatures as high as 90 degrees Fahrenheit. You experience easy and controlled lifting and carrying with its comfort-grip steel handles.







        What We Like:

  • 54-Quart Capacity
  • Heavy-Duty Cooler







6.  OlarHike Cooler

The OlarHike Cooler bag is made with rip-stop 600D oxford fabric on the exterior. Its interior lining is made from peva foil and padded with 8 mm epe foam for thermal resistance. This interior aluminum foil is waterproof and dirt-proof which makes it easy to clean. This cooler is lightweight and durable with its anti-snap technology. It can accommodate up to 16 cans and hold 14 liters by volume. The OlarHike cooler can be used for tailgating, camping, beach outings, and many other outdoor activities.







       What We Like:

  • Easy to Clean
  • Lightweight & Durable
  • Waterproof & Scratch-proof







7.  Coleman Xtreme 5 Wheeled Cooler

The Coleman Xtreme 5 Wheeled Cooler features an insulated lid and extra insulation that allows it to keep ice for up to 5 days at temperatures as high as 90 degrees Fahrenheit. It also has two-way side handles for easy lifting. This cooler also has heavy-duty wheels that allow you to easily transport your drinks and other items.

Additionally, this cooler features a seat lid that supports up to 250 pounds. It can hold up to 160 cans and features molded cup holders on top of the lid to keep the drinks close and avoid spilling. At the end of your outings, you can easily drain the cooler of excess water with its leak-resistant channel drain without tilting it.







       What We Like:

  • Heavy-Duty Wheels
  • Have-A-Seat Lid
  • Built-In Cup Holders
  • 100-Quart Capacity









8.  Coleman Xtreme 5 Cooler

The Coleman Xtreme 5 Cooler keeps ice for up to 5 days in temperatures as high as 90 degrees Fahrenheit with its xtreme technology. This cooler has comfort-grip handles that allow you to carry the cooler pinch-free. It is easy to clean and features cup holders molded into the lid to prevent drinks from spilling.

Additionally, the Coleman xtreme 5 cooler holds up to 100 cans and features a have-a-seat lid that supports up to 250 pounds. This Coleman cooler is ideal for camping, tailgating, beach outings, sports activities, fishing, hiking, and many other outdoor activities.







       What We Like:

  • Xtreme Technology
  • No Crush Handles
  • Have A Seat Lid
  • Built-In Cup Holders
  • Easy To Clean









9.  YETI Roadie 24 Cooler

The YETI Roadie 24 Cooler features a fat wall design with extra-thick walls that hold up to two inches of insulation for great ice retention. This is achieved thanks to the pressure-injected commercial-grade polyurethane foam in the walls. It features rotomolded construction that makes it armored to the core and very durable.







       What We Like:

  • Fatwall Design
  • Rotomolded Construction
  • Permafrost Insulation










10.  Coleman Ice Chest 


The Coleman Ice Chest is bear-resistant and is certified by the IGBC.  Its size is 65 quarts and can retain ice for up to 8 days. This Coleman ice chest is easy to drain with its drain spout. It is durable with its heavy-duty polyethylene, and urethane construction.






       What We Like:

  • Up To 8 Day Ice Retention
  • 65 Quart Size
  • Durable








What To Look For In A Camping Cooler?

1.  Size

The size of the cooler is one of the important factors to consider when choosing one. To determine the size of the cooler, you should factor in how long is your outdoor activity and how much food and drinks you want to take along. If you are going on an evening activity like a beach outing, tailgating, or barbecue social event, then 25 quarts cooler may be sufficient. However, if your activity is an extended one for a number of days, then you might need a cooler with about a 75-quart capacity.







2.  Insulation

The insulation of the cooler is another important factor to consider when choosing a cooler as the main purpose of a cooler is to keep your food and beverages cool. Coolers are designed with different types of insulation. You will have to find out how good is the insulation of the cooler you want to buy.







3.  Durability

When you are considering the cooler to purchase, you also need to factor in how durable the cooler needs to be. How will it be used? How much rough treatment will it have to withstand? How is it constructed to make it durable? Coolers are designed with different materials that make them durable to different levels.








4.  Portability

You also need to consider how portable you need the cooler to be. Many coolers are designed with comfortable handles that make it easy to carry the cooler. Some are also designed with wheels that make it easier to carry bigger and heavier coolers that store more heavy items.







5.  Material

Coolers are made from a couple of different materials. Some coolers are made of fabric and these are usually the softshell coolers. They are ideal for short trips. Softshell coolers are lightweight and feature a collapsible design.

On the other hand, coolers are also designed with plastic or metal and these are usually hard-shell coolers. They provide thicker insulation and longer insulation periods. These coolers require more space and you will have to allocate space to accommodate them.







6.  Waterproof

Not all coolers are waterproof. You might want to verify that the cooler you want is really waterproof. This is another important factor to consider. it is always better to have a waterproof cooler than one that is not waterproof.







7.  Drain Plug

It is common now to find coolers with many innovative features that make your outdoor activities easier to manage. Many coolers are now designed with a threaded drain plug that allows you to attach a hose to it to drain excess water from the cooler.







Types of Camping Coolers

1.  Soft-Sided Coolers

Soft-sided coolers are very portable and carry drinks and snacks. They usually have a bag-shaped style with shoulder or backpack style straps. They tend to not take up a lot of space and are cheaper than hard-sided coolers. However, they are not as durable as hard-sided coolers and have a shorter cooling time than hard-sided coolers. Additionally, they tend to be more susceptible to leaks than a hard-sided cooler.







2.  Hard-Sided Coolers

Hard-sided coolers give you more space than soft-sided coolers. It also provides a longer cooling period than soft-sided coolers. Many are designed with ergonomic handles and wheels to make them easy for transport.







Camping Cooler Accessories

1.  Ice Pack

The ice pack serves to help keep your items cold for a long period of time.







2.  Inside Cooler Lid Light

This lightweight plastic light illuminates the inside of a cooler. it is very useful if your outing is at night or extends into the night.







3.  Cooler Basket

This cooler basket helps compartmentalize your items in the cooler and keeps foods and snacks at a higher level than the ice and beverages to prevent soggy sandwiches and wet food.




What is a good camping cooler?
There are many good coolers with a number of brands and models available today. The right one for you will be the camping cooler that meets most of the requirements you need.
How long will a Coleman cooler keep ice?
Most Coleman coolers can keep ice for 3 to 5 days.
How do I choose a camping cooler?
When choosing a camping cooler, you need to pay attention to the size, insulation, durability, material, waterproof, portability, and drain plug.











The Bottom Line

Camping coolers are an essential item for your outdoor activities to keep your food and beverages cold for a period of time. In this guide, we reviewed some of the best camping coolers to help you choose the right one for your activities. Our recommendation for a camping cooler is the Igloo BMX.