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Are you searching for camping blankets? Do you want to engage in outdoor adventures? Camping blankets are an essential item for your outdoor activities. In this guide, we review some of the best camping blankets on the market to help you make an informed decision.




1.  Arcturus Camping Blanket

The Arcturus Camping Blanket is 80% wool and 20% hypoallergenic synthetic fibers that provide durability and washability. Wool is a naturally fire-retardant material. Wool is also a fabric that will keep you warm, even when it is wet. It is ideal for camping, hunting, ski trips, backyard barbecue, an evening at the lake, or any other outdoor activity. This camping blanket is loom-woven and hemmed on all sides with contrast lock stitching.







       What We Like:

  • 80% Wool
  • Loom-Woven
  • Contrast Lock Stitching
  • 20% Hypoallergenic Synthetic Fibers







2.  Oceas Outdoor Camping Blanket

The Oceas Camping Blanket is 100% waterproof and made with high-quality materials. Its polyester waterproof backing is double-coated with polyurethane ensuring protection against the punishment of the weather. This camping blanket is light, packable, and compact. It can be used for camping, picnics, festivals, parks, beaches, and more outdoor adventures.







        What We Like:

  • 100% Waterproof
  • Lightweight & Compact








3.  DOWN UNDER OUTDOORS Camping Blanket

This camping blanket is ultrasonically quilted that prevents the two layers from sliding on each other. This feature prevents you from slipping over when you step on the blanket. The thickness of the fleece has been increased by 20% from 250gsm to 300gsm. This camping blanket keeps you warm and dry from the rain as it is waterproof with a backing that is internally coated with polyurethane.







        What We Like:

  • Ultrasonically Quilted
  • Waterproof & Windproof
  • Thicker Fleece









4.  Horizon Hound Down Camping Blanket

The Horizon Hound Down Camping Blanket is made of 20D rip-stop nylon that limits stains and odors. It is lightweight and warm thereby providing you comfort without any significant weight. It is ideal for camping, festivals, hiking, lakeside evenings, and many other outdoor adventures.

Additionally, this camping blanket is portable and durable. It is highly compressible and insulated which makes it usable in most situations. It is machine washable and weighs only 11 pounds.







        What We Like:

  • 20D Rip-Stop Nylon
  • Lightweight & Warm
  • Durable & Portable









5.  Get Out Gear Down Camping Blanket

This camping blanket features a 20D ripstop nylon shell that keeps the wind and cold from you while keeping you warm and comfortable with 650 fill power down insulation. Weighing only 1.1 pounds, this camping blanket is lightweight and compact.

Additionally, your camping blanket is protected from spills and the weather with a durable water-repellant coating. Its nylon shell resists dirt, sand, and pet hair. This feature allows you to set up your camping blanket on grass, sand, and dirt without any issues.







        What We Like:

  • Lightweight & Compact
  • 20D Ripstop Nylon Shell
  • 650 Fill Power Down Insulation
  • Spill & Water Resistant








6.  Brawntide Camping Blanket

The Brawntide Camping Blanket is ideal for many outdoor adventures as it protects you from the rain and wind; it is waterproof and windproof. It features ultrasonic quilting which prevents the two layers of the blanket from slipping against each other. It bonds the two layers together. With 300gsm polar anti-pill fleece backing, this camping blanket provides more warmth and comfort on cold windy days.







        What We Like:

  • Ultrasonic Quilting
  • Waterproof & Windproof
  • 300gsm Polar Anti-Pill Fleece Backing












7.  Tirrinia Camping Blanket

The Tirrinia Camping Blanket is ideal for camping, sporting events, hiking, star gazing, picnics, tailgating, and many other outdoor events. It keeps you warm and comfortable with its water-repellent fabric backing and soft sherpa lining. It is 100% waterproof and windproof.







        What We Like:

  • 100% Waterproof
  • Windproof









8.  KingCamp Camping Blanket

The KingCamp Camping Blanket features ripstop 20D nylon fabric that prevents water from coming in thereby keeping you warm and dry. With its 305g LingCamp loft filler, you remain warm and comfortable even on a cold and windy evening. It is lightweight and weighs only 1.1 pounds. This camping blanket is also durable and waterproof.






        What We Like:

  • Ripstop 20D Nylon Fabric
  • 305g LingCamp Loft Filler
  • Waterproof & Durable








9.  Leisure Co Camping Blanket

The Leisure Co Camping Blanket features a water-resistant polyester that keeps you warm and comfortable. It is lightweight and compact. This camping blanket is well suited for camping, hiking, picnics, and many outdoor activities. This camping blanket is durable and easy to clean.







          What We Like:

  • Compact & Lightweight
  • Water-Resistant
  • Durable & Easy To Clean








10.  REDCAMP Camping Blanket

The REDCAMP Camping Blanket features durable oxford material that makes it 100% waterproof. It is also windproof and lightweight. This camping blanket is suitable for camping, sports events, hiking, and many other outdoor activities.






         What We Like:

  • Waterproof & Windproof
  • Lightweight







11.  4Monster Outdoor Down Camping Blanket

This camping blanket is made from 20D 380T nylon. It is waterproof, windproof, and sand proof. This camping blanket can be used in a variety of scenarios from camping, hiking, picnics, and tailgating to many other outdoor activities. It keeps you warm and comfortable as it is wool and waterproof as well as breathable. it is also lightweight and portable.







         What We Like:

  • Wind Proof & Sand Proof
  • Breathable
  • Soft & Durable
  • Portable & Light Weight
  • Water-Resistant








What To Look For In A Camping Blanket?

1.  Size

When you choose a camping blanket, you want to consider the size. Many are designed with a large size that can comfortably cover two individuals. While you may not use it for two persons, this is a good size to go for as it gives you a lot of blankets to keep you warm and comfortable. There are also many other sizes.







2.  Material

The material that the camping blanket is made of is very important. It will determine how durable and warm and comfortable you will be. It is common to find many camping blankets are made of some amount of wool as wool has the properties to keep you warm.







3.  Waterproof & Windproof

You want to choose a blanket that will keep you dry and warm. Camping blankets that are waterproof and windproof keep the cold and wind away from you. On a cold evening, a waterproof and windproof camping blanket will keep you warm and cozy as you enjoy your outdoor adventures.







4.  Durability

Many camping blankets are made with materials that make them durable. How durable the blanket is will also determine how well you are kept warm and dry outdoors.








5.  Insulation

Insulation is an important factor to consider. As most of your adventures will be outdoors and they may run into the evening you want to buy a camping blanket that features good insulation to block out the cold and the wind and keep you cozy and warm.







6.  Machine Washable

This is not one of the important factors but it will help if your camping blanket is machine washable. After your outdoor activities, you want to get them clean and dried for whenever you may need them. Throwing them into the machine and getting them clean just makes it very easy to maintain them. Today, most are designed to be machine washable.









7.  Lightweight & Compact

You want a camping blanket that is thick to keep you warm and dry but also lightweight and compact that allows it to be easily stored away.









Types of Camping Blankets

1.  Puffy Blankets

Puffy blankets are very similar to sleeping bags. They provide warmth and comfort but take up a considerable amount of space.







2.  Throw Blankets

Throw blankets are similar to throw pillows for the couch however they are designed with more durable materials as they have to withstand more wear and tear. They can be rolled up to avoid space constraints and are easily transported.







3.  Folding Blankets

Folding blankets are made of durable materials and are usually waterproof. They can be put into a compact size for storage and transport.



Are camp blankets worth it?
Camping blankets not only keep you warm on camping nights, they also give you comfort when you are resting after a full day of activities.
Are weighted blankets good for camping?
Weighted blankets increase sleep quality after a day of activities.
What makes a good camping blanket?
The size, material, waterproof, insulation, windproof, durability, lightweight and compactness are some of the features to consider when choosing a camping blanket.










The Bottom Line

Camping blankets are a must-have for outdoor adventures. They are the difference between you having a wonderful evening out or prematurely leaving and making the long journey back alone because of a sudden change in the weather. In this guide, we reviewed some of the best camping blankets to help you make your choice. Our recommendation for a camping blanket is the Arcturus Camping Blanket.