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Do you need camping lanterns? Are you searching for camping lanterns? In this guide, we review some of the best camping lanterns on the market to help you choose the best one for your outdoor adventures.



1.  Vont 4 Pack LED Camping Lantern

The Vont 4 Camping Lantern is designed to be durable and rugged. It can withstand a 10-foot drop and also withstand being submerged underwater. It is made of aircraft-grade materials.

Additionally, this camping lantern is designed with 30 bright LEDs and easily lights up the darkness. It is compact and lightweight and increases the light or reduces it as you collapse or expand it. It can be as small as your phone when fully collapsed.






      What We Like:

  • Durable & Waterproof
  • Compact & Lightweight
  • Bright & Long-Lasting







2.  Odoland Camping Lantern

The Odoland Camping Lantern can serve multiple functions. It can hang as a lamp or a fan; it also stands as a fan. This camping lantern is lightweight and portable. It features a built-in handle with a hanging hook. The Odoland camping lantern features 18 low-powered LED bulbs.

Additionally, you get nice circulation from the fan with its low and high settings. This camping lantern gives you a quiet operation thanks to its brushless motor. With a maximum wind speed of 10ft/s and strong airflow, you will benefit from fresh air in your tent. You can get up to 37 hours of regular and continuous use with battery capacity. This camping lantern uses 2 D cell batteries.






      What We Like:

  • Multiple Functions
  • Lightweight










3.  Etekcity Camping Lantern

The Etekcity Camping Lantern is made of military-grade ABS material making it a durable and long-lasting lantern. It consists of 30 individual low-consumption LED bulbs that feature 360 degrees of luminous light. This camping lantern is easy to use as you expand or collapse it to switch it on or off. It is a must-have item if you go out on adventures, especially if spend the night outdoors.

Additionally, this camping lantern can be used for up to 30 hours of regular, continuous use with its AA batteries. This camping easily lights up your tent or room although it is not blinding if you look in its direction. It is lightweight and compact. It features a compartment at the top to store items like keys, spare batteries, earphones, etc.








       What We Like:

  • Compact & Lightweight
  • Durable & Waterproof
  • Bright
  • Easy To Operate










4.  Lighting EVER LE LED Camping Lantern

This camping lantern features four lighting modes – daylight white, warm white, full brightness, and flashing. It features brightness up to 1000 lumens that can be adjusted. It can last up to 12 hours with its D alkaline batteries. It is waterproof and IPX4 rated which makes it ideal for outdoor adventures even on a snowy or rainy day. You can hang this camping lantern thanks to the hook at the bottom and metal handles at the top.







      What We Like:

  • Long Battery Life
  • IPX4 Water-Resistant
  • High Brightness & Dimmable
  • 4 Light Modes








5.  ENERGIZER 360 LED Camping Lantern

The ENERGIZER 360 put out 500 lumens in high mode for a bright display. It features 3 light mode settings: high, low, and night light. This camping lantern lasts up to 650 hours in low mode and delivers 360 degrees of lighting. It is durable and rugged. It is ideal for camping, fishing, and other outdoor activities. It is waterproof and this makes it ideal even in rainy or snowy conditions. This camping lantern works with 3 D batteries.







       What We Like:

  • 3 Mode Settings
  • Durable & Waterproof










6.  MalloMe Camping Lantern

The MalloMe Camping Lantern illuminates larger areas with its Chip-On-Board LED technology. It is made of military-grade ABS material that makes it durable and long-lasting. It is ideal for your nights out camping with family and friends. It has a compact and lightweight design.







     What We Like:

  • Durable & Long-Lasting









7.  Eveready 360 LED Camping Lantern

The Eveready 360 Camping Lantern delivers up to 16 hours of continuous use in lantern mode and up to 9 hours in flashlight mode. It delivers super bright white LED light as a lantern. It can also be used as a flashlight for directional lighting. It is mountable and a magnetic base can be used to mount it. You can also hang it with its base hook and illuminate the room.






     What We Like:

  • 4 Light Modes
  • 16 Hours of Continuous Runtime
  • Durable










8.  Favorbrite Camping Lantern

The Favorbrite camping lantern has an adjustable LED with a variable power dial. It produces brightness up to 2000 lumens. This camping lantern is made of high-quality materials, with more resistance, and durability.  It is operated by 4D batteries and has a runtime of up to 5 days in night light mode fully charged.







     What We Like:

  • Dimmer Switch& COB LED Technical
  • Long Working Time
  • Vintage Design








9.  Tough Light Rechargeable Lantern

This camping lantern provides 400 lumens with a premium 600mAh Li-ion battery. It can hold a charge for 9 months or even more when it is not in use. This camping lantern can charge your cell phones and cameras in an emergency situation. This is very helpful for outdoor adventures.

Additionally, this camping lantern is waterproof and drop resistant. It features military-grade rubber and plastic molds with built-in rubber o-rings to provide IPX-6 rated water resistance for wet and snowy conditions. It is durable and can withstand a drop from 5 feet with no damage to it.







     What We Like:

  • Waterproof & Drop Resistant
  • Durable
  • 400 Lumens







10.  Lepro LED Camping Lantern

The Lepro camping lantern features a 360-degree beam angle and long lighting time. It emits 400 lumens to brighten any tent or room. It is waterproof and IPX4 rated to withstand wet and snowy conditions. It is lightweight and portable which allows it to be easily folded and stored in a backpack.

Additionally, the Lepro camping lantern is easy to use. It has a push or pulls the switch to turn it on and off. It is powered by AA batteries and this eliminates the need to charge it thereby saving you precious time.







      What We Like:

  • 400 Lumens
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight & Portable







11.  Blazin’ Camping Lantern

The Blazin’ camping lantern features 600 lumens and a 360-degree coverage to light up your tent or room. It can charge up your phones and other gadgets in emergency situations. This camping lantern has 6 modes. It is waterproof and drop-resistant from up to 5 feet.







     What We Like:

  • 6 Modes
  • 600 Lumens
  • Waterproof & Drop Resistant







12.  GearLight Camping Lantern

The GearLight Camping Lantern provides 360 degrees of illumination with 3 AA batteries. It is compact and portable which makes it ideal for camping, hiking, and many other outdoor activities.

Additionally, this camping lantern is designed to withstand accidental drops. With its hook and magnetic base, you can hang this lantern from the top of your tenet for all-around lighting.







     What We Like:

  • Compact & Portable
  • Drop Resistant







13.  AYL LED Camping Lantern

The AYL camping lantern features 46 LED light bulbs that deliver 1800 lumens. It is a rechargeable lantern with a built-in 4400mAh rechargeable battery. When fully charged, this lantern can last up to 12 hours. It has 4 modes light modes – daylight, warm light, both, and flash mode.

Additionally, in emergency situations or on your outdoor adventures, this camping lantern can charge up your cell phones and other gadgets. It is waterproof and rated IP44 to withstand wet and snowy conditions. You can easily handle this lantern with its slip-proof handle.







     What We Like:

  • 1800 Lumens
  • 4 Light Modes
  • Waterproof









14.  KYNG Camping Lantern

This camping lantern features a 6000mAh battery that lasts up to 250 hours on a single charge. It emits up to 400 lumens at a distance of 85 feet. You can use this lantern in wet and snowy conditions as it is waterproof and IPX-6 rated. Moreover, it is drop resistant up to 6 feet. It is well designed to meet your needs on your camping, hiking, trekking, or fishing trips.







      What We Like:

  • 400 Lumens
  • Drop Resistant & Waterproof








What To Look For In A Camping Lantern?

1.  Brightness

How much illumination a lantern puts out in terms of lumens tells you how bright it can be. When you are on your outdoor adventures, you want lanterns that are very bright to provide light but also for safety.







2.  Light Modes

Lanterns are designed with a number of light modes. It is not common to find lanterns with 6 light modes. This gives you a choice of the amount of light you want for different situations.







3.  Run Time

The run time is an important factor to consider when choosing your camping lantern. You want a lantern with a large run time on a single charge. Many lanterns are designed with run times of from 10 to 18 hours of continuous use. There are lanterns that have run times of 250 hours.







4.  Durability

Your outdoor adventures require that the lanterns be designed to be rugged and durable. Many are made of military-grade ABS material that makes them withstand rough handling. Pay attention to the construction of the lantern you want to choose to make sure it is a durable and long-lasting lantern.







5.  Waterproof

You want to get a lantern that is waterproof to withstand wet and snowy conditions. Out in the fields, you will encounter rain and snow and you want a lantern that is designed to work well in such conditions.








6.  Drop Resistant

It can’t be overstated that you want a durable lantern as the nature of the terrain on your outdoor adventures will be rough. A lantern that is designed to withstand accidental drops will make it long-lasting and durable. You can easily find lanterns that are drop-resistant from up to 5 feet.







7.  Portability

A portable lantern makes it easy to use and carry. Many are designed with comfortable handles that allow you to move with them with almost no issues.







8.  Battery Type

Many lanterns are designed to use a number of AA batteries. They work well and produce great illumination. Additionally, there are lanterns that are powered by rechargeable batteries.







Types of Camping Lanterns

1.  Fuel-Burning Lanterns

There are several fuel types for lanterns. They are propane, butane, and liquid fuel. Propane comes in refillable tanks and is fuel-efficient. Butane is housed in disposable canisters and is compact and easy to use. Liquid fuels are found in refillable white-gas tanks and they are fuel-efficient. Fuel-burning lanterns emit a good amount of lumens but this also means they generate a lot of heat.








2.  Electric Lanterns

Battery-powered lanterns use LED technology and deliver a good light output. They are quiet and exhaust-free. Moreover, they provide long battery life and provide more safety for kids.







3.  Candle Lanterns

Candle lanterns produce soft light with no noise. They have their own purpose as they offer a good ambiance. They are ideal for relaxing after a long day when you want to quietly enjoy the evening hours may be alone or with someone. They work for close-up tasks but not very well if they are some distance away from what you are doing.

Additionally, candle lanterns are not the best for safety when you have kids around as they should not be touched and must be kept at a safe distance from flammable materials.




How many lumens do you need to light up a tent?
100 to 200 lumens will light up a camping tent. If you are part of a large group, 200 to 400 lumens will suffice.
How bright is 1000 lumens lantern?
1000 lumens illuminates over 50 feet in every direction.
What should I look for in a camping lantern?
Brightness, light modes, run time, durability, waterproof, drop resistance, battery type, and portability are some features to consider when choosing a camping lantern.
How many lumens should a camping lantern be?
100 lumens will light up your camping tent, but 50 to 75 lumens if you want a more gentle glow.











The Bottom Line

Camping lanterns are a must-have for campers, hikers, and many other outdoor adventurers. In this guide, we reviewed some of the best camping lanterns to help you make an informed decision on your next lantern. Our pick for a camping lantern is the Lighting EVER LE LED Camping Lantern.